General Podiatric Treatment:

We can help our patients with general foot care issues with nails, corns, and calluses. Whether it be due to general painful nails, arthritic conditions or bad backs that may make debridement difficult, we will safely and with great care help our patients get on their feet. We follow full sterilization policies as listed by the COCOO.



Along with a traditional gait analysis of the patient, we utilize a 3D scanner to create an imprint of the patients foot, which can then be processed and viewed on our computer software. This allows the clinician to see areas of excessive weight bearing and help design an orthotic with more advanced information than that provided by a traditional plaster cast.



A little machine that packs a whole lot of punch. Our shockwave system allows us to treat conditions like plantar fasciitis and tendonitis by utilizing deep tissue shockwaves delieved through a pneumatic compression system. This is a machine and treatment modality that is utilized by sports teams and athletic departments all over the country, but can be utilized for the treatment in a wide variety of patients, not just those with sports injuries.



We utilize handheld ultrasound devices to deliver therapeutic relief for the correction of minor inflammatory conditions like bursitis, capsulitis, neuroma, tendonitis, planta fasciitis, tenosynovitis.


Magnetic Pulse Therapy:

Similar to a giant ion bracelet, our MPT system deleivers magnetic energy to produce deep heat in the foot and can help with many arthritic conditions, joint pain, and bony injuries.


Surgical Procedures:

We have an in-office surgical suite with a fluoroscopy system and full state of the art equipment to perform all procedures safely and with utmost efficiency.


Genesis Laser:

This is a state of the art machine that allows our clinicians to safely treat our patients fungal nails and warts. Our laser system has a proven track record and is very safe for treatment on patients of almost any age.